By Kudakwashe Chidziya

Catch them young is a common cliché and it seems very relevant to NBSZ when it comes to blood donor recruitment. The journey of most blood donors start in High School but the most worrying factor is how to retain these youthful blood donors just after school. After the high school bandwagon of becoming blood donors, the question remains, how do they continue to donate after school?

Realizing the rampant fall of statistics of blood donors once students finally complete their high school studies, a synchronized well-coordinated group of young people was formed.

Dating back to 1994, an initiative was made to continuously retain high school students blood donors even after the completion of their secondary studies.

A group emerged and it has stood the taste of time as it is still viable since its formation in 1994. Of course it is the Pledge 25 which is a group of young blood donors across Zimbabwe. Its main mandate is to promote youths participation in blood donation activities.

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