Donation Process



You will be required to read information about donating blood if you are a first time donor.
You will be asked to complete a donor registration form with demographic and basic health information.


Pre-donation Screening

During pre-donation screening, a blood bank employee will ask you some questions about your health, lifestyle and disease risk factors. All this information is confidential.
You will have your weight and blood pressure checked.
A drop of blood from your finger will also be tested to ensure that your blood iron level is sufficient before you donate. All medical equipment used for this test as well as during the donation process is sterile, used only once and then disposed.



Once pre-donation screening is finished, you will then proceed to a donor bed/chair where your arm will be cleaned with an antiseptic and a needle for the blood drawing procedure is inserted.
You will have 7-10 minutes to relax while the bag is filling
When approximately 450mls of blood has been collected, the needle will be removed and a bandage is placed.


Post Donation

Following your donation you will receive refreshments and it is recommended that you stay until you feel strong enough to leave.
After donating, you should increase your fluid intake for the next 24-48 hours; avoid strenuous and physical exertion, heavy lifting or pulling with the arm for about 5 hours.
If you have any questions concerning your donation or experience any unexpected problems please call the centre where you donated blood.


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