A deferral is a waiting period applied when a donor does not qualify to donate within the specified time period due to various health related issues.


    Donors may be deferred for a variety of reasons, including activities or illnesses.  The reasons for deferral, as well as the time periods involved, are laid out below.



High School Pupils:

 New Donors & Repeat donors – deferred for 24hrs prior to exam.

Tertiary Institutions:

 New or repeat donors – deferred for 24hrs prior to exam.


Abortion /Miscarriage

  If less than 12 weeks pregnant: – Deferral is 1 month

 If less than 12 weeks pregnant +D&C: – Deferral is 2 months

 If > 12 weeks of pregnancy:- Deferral is 3 months



    Defer until sober but if on treatment (Antabuse), deferral is 2 weeks after treatment course.



   Athletes who are in regular training may donate provided they reduce their level of training for 1/52 after donating.

 Any runner or cyclist who has entered a major long distance race e.g. Comrades/ Two Oceans/ Argus must not donate for 4 weeks before the race.

 Runners can donate 7 days & cyclists 3 days after the race, providing there has been not been any distress or dehydration.

 If athletes refuse to comply with 4 weeks pre-donation deferral they must sign an indemnity form. Send form to Manager Medical Services for filing.

 Recreational Divers– using oxygen: 72 hours before and after.

 Commercial divers – should not donate (consult MD).

 Pilots – deferred flying for 72 hours, after donation, from piloting a plane/helicopter/micro-light/glider.


Acupuncture (Dry needling)

 If by clinician or registered professional and with disposable: –  Deferral is 4 months

 Needles; If non-professional acupuncturist Deferral is 1 year



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