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  1. Blood Grouping

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  6. Blood Donor Counselling

Blood Donor Counselling

Blood transfusion services (BTS) have a duty to safeguard blood donors as well as to the recipients of blood transfusion. This duty of care extends to prospective donors who are deferred from donation, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, as well as those who donate blood and are subsequently found to have abnormal test results. The duty entails providing information, counselling and support to help such prospective donors to understand and respond to unexpected and usually unwelcome information about their health status. Blood donor counselling is considered to be a key component in enhancing blood safety in most countries. National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) started counselling blood donors in 1993. The service is offered for free to all prospective blood donors. services.

Blood Counselling Services

a. Pre-donation information

This is given by Customer Relations Officers whose role is to recruit, educate, motivate and retain safe blood donors.