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Pledge 25 Club

What is the Pledge 25 Club?

Pledge 25 Club is a special club for young and healthy citizens who pledge to regularly donate safe units of blood at least 25 times in their lives. The primary aim being to allow for smooth transition from school donors in to safe adult donors thereby effortlessly creating a future pool of informed adult blood donors.

The NBSZ encourages scholars to continue donating blood after leaving school as they account for over 70% of the annual blood collections. You have a lot to gain by joining this club and pledging to be regular blood donors. The club has an elected committee to run the affairs of this unique group.

Making a Pledge

When you make a pledge, you commit yourself to honouring a special promise. In Pledge 25 Club you commit yourself to donating safe blood 25 times at regular intervals. The 25th donation won’t be the end of the road for you, you will find that the club will still have room for you after you reaching 25 donations.

Club members are expected to commit themselves to the following:

  • Being an active and healthy club member
  • Donating regularly to honour the pledge.
  • Leading a low risk life to ensure that you remain a safe blood donor
  • Encouraging friends to sign up for the Pledge 25 Club.
  • Advocating for a low risk lifestyle.
  • Wilfully being prepared to undertake activities that promote blood donation awareness in the community.

Club Activities

  • Attending club meetings at the local National Blood Service Centre.
  • Participating in blood donor campaigns, marches, TV and Radio Programmes.
  • Attending selected youth festivals hosted by other organizations
  • Attending a Youth Blood Donors Day, Galas and Splashes (which ever is applicable to member’s gender) held periodically.
  • Joining the Pledge 25 Postal and First Aid teams
  • NBSZ enrols some of the Pledge 25 members with other organizations that offer specialist skills on survival skills and value of life.
  • Organizing and supporting community bleeds
  • Special awards will be given to club members when they donate their 25th unit..
  • You can also bring in any activities that focus on improving the national blood stocks.