National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) in partnership with Joina City Shopping Mall launched the Life is in the Blood campaign on Wednesday 22 February 2017, at the Harare Branch.  Out of a total of 43 people who turned up for donation, 30 managed to donate blood. The campaign is the first one for the year and will run until 31 December 2017. This campaign marked the reactivation of the NBSZ Sunday Mail Column which had previously been put on halt.  Starting with this week’s publication, NBSZ will be publishing at least one article at the beginning of each month and is therefore encouraging readers to give feedback and recommendations on what else they think the NBSZ needs to address through this platform. 

The Life is in the Blood campaign aims to increase blood collections at the NBSZ static clinics around the country, and raise awareness on the historical transition of the Blood Service in Zimbabwe (from NBTS to NBSZ) as well as align the NBSZ tagline to the NBSZ brand.  In 2016, the NBSZ Joina City Clinic contributed 39% to the total national static clinic collections.  NBSZ is targeting to collect 70,000 units of blood in 2017 compared to last year’s target of 65,000 units .  NBSZ narrowly missed the 2016 target, and collected  64,889, units of blood.  In year 2015, NBSZ collected 59,836 units against a target of 63,000 units of blood, hence the Joina City funded campaign is meant to complement NBSZ’s efforts to achieve its set target for blood collections in 2017.

 Life is in the Blood campaign comes at the back of the recently concluded and successful ‘Festive Season Campaign’ that was held in December 2016 under the theme ‘Blood Connects Us All’. Over 5,450 units of blood were collected against a set target of 5,540 units, narrowly missing the target by a mere 90 units. The campaign managed to bridge the gap of seasonal shortages of blood and blood products which had become a usual recurrence during the December to January period every year. 

In previous years, NBSZ has generally been able to meet the country’s needs for blood and blood products in hospitals except for the school holiday periods when supply tends to exceed demand. Nevertheless the Service in partnership with Joina City Shopping Mall is holding this Life is in the Blood campaign to curtail any probability of blood shortages and as well as inform and educate the public on the importance of donating blood amongst Zimbabwe’s adult populace in particular. Accordingly, the campaign’s thrust is predominantly targeting the adult population since youths account for over 70 percent of the national annual blood collections in the country.

Radio Zimbabwe has joined the campaign by partnering through provision of  radio publicity and platforms where NBSZ will be able to talk about the campaign as well as blood donation issues to the masses around the country. Led by their Station Manager Mr Albert Chekayi, the Radio Zimbabwe programme presenters and crew members made their contribution to the campaign by donating blood at the campaign activation launch.

Amongst the Faith Based Organisations, the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church through its youth wing led by Pastor Tatenda Machomire joined the campaign by donating blood during the campaign launch and pledged to “Be the Sermon” by donating blood as part of their Global Youth Week activities to be held on March 18 2017. On this day, more blood drives organised by the SDA will be held countrywide at the NBSZ blood donor clinics in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and Masvingo.

Joina City Clinic is conveniently located in a safe, secure and comfortable environment meant to provide expediency to our blood donors. The clinic is located on the First Floor at shop No. 128, just before the Julius Nyerere Footbridge. 

Blood is precious, and unfortunately there will never be enough of it. As opportunities for successful treatment of cancers, injuries, surgical problems and blood disorders increase, the demand for blood rises.  Safe blood begins with me and you! Be a Blood Donor Today.

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