My name is Christine Shaamano and I sit in the NBSZ board, I started donating blood when I was a school girl, way back when I used to stay in Zambia. At first I donated blood for fun so that I could be given a tin of tinned fish which was something special to a school girl in a boarding school. As a student we used to donate once during the school term. Then one day about a month after donating, the headmaster called me to his office and introduced me to visitors in his office. They were from the NBTS and they were asking 4 my blood because somebody urgently needed my blood. My headmaster had initially refused to let them talk to me but after they assured him that I was going to be ok, he then allowed them to see me. That day I gave donated another unit of blood. They left a message with my headmaster that if I have any health complications he must urgently call NBTS.

During the school holiday we had four visitors at our home whom we had never met before. I was doing my laundry when my mother called me to greet the visitors as per tradition. A man who was with the visitors introduced himself and the people he was with. To my surprise he had come to thank me for saving his family's lives, these were both his wife and the unborn baby who had been in danger and desperately needed blood. The unit of blood which I gave saved their lives because they had failed to get the blood group which matched the wife’s. The husband offered to give me some token of appreciation but my mother refused and told the man that she had 7 daughters and if one of them faced the same situation she would not be able to do what they done. She said the fact that they had taken the trouble to look for the donor was enough gratitude. From that moment I have donated blood not in return for a tin of fish but to save a life.

Let us donate blood, other women somewhere needs it. Come to think of it ladies, we need more blood than our male counterparts because we undergo difficult births, operations, involved in accidents etc. Somebody in one of the country's hospitals is dying because of lack of your blood. Are you going to let another woman and child die when u can help? Remember the life you save might be yours, your relative's or even your child's. Today I have given more than 100 donations because blood is indeed a precious gift of life.